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Mary Devey. Killer Women. Bitter Blood. Cold North Killers. Lee Mellor. Arthur Cheney Train. The Mammoth Book of Useless Information. Noel Botham. An innocent man was shopping at a Walmart in Elkton, Maryland in when nature called. Unfortunately for him, someone had poured super glue all over the seat before he sat down on it. Emergency workers had to remove him from the toilet bowl, according to The Associated Press. In , a man was arrested for allegedly attempting to make methamphetamine inside a Mentor, Ohio Walmart store.

James Richardson, 37, caught the eye of security after they allegedly spotted him putting items in his shopping cart that are commonly used to cook meth, according to Fox8 in Cleveland. His mug shot, courtesy of the Mentor Police Department, is below. That was just the tip of the iceberg, though.

Richardson was allegedly caught trying to mix those items in a salt shaker from the store and was allegedly shaking the salt shaker. Speaking of meth, an entire alleged meth lab was found under a Walmart parking lot in Amherst, New York in The suspected lab was hidden 12 feet under the heavily trafficked parking lot, according to The Washington Post. Peter Miller, 18, was arrested in connection to that alleged lab.

There is no record of him being convicted. The below footage is of authorities investigating the alleged lab. Back in , four people walked into a Byran, Texas Walmart with a nefarious intent. Police released surveillance footage of the happy, laughing group leaving the store, but there's no record of the suspects ever getting identified or apprehended. Crime Time is your destination for true crime stories from around the world, breaking crime news, and information about Oxygen's original true crime shows and documentaries.

Midsomer Murders: 15 of the most bizarre and ridiculous deaths | Metro News

Here are the eight strangest, most bizarre incidents to happen in a Walmart. Nude sock thief This guy needed more than just socks! Naked with meth That's not the only time a man has been arrested for being naked in a Walmart. Football team tackles shoplifter A high school football team tackled a shoplifter in Callaway, Florida in