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Their voices have proved to be an invaluable window into the state system s classroom and these voices need to be taken into account in education reform. The Teachers voice report was issued by Myanmar Egress and a copy can be requested by ing the author. The donation follows the visit of the Indonesian foreign minister to Rakhine State in January, state media said on May U Hla Sein Tun, deputy director of Rakhine State s education office, told The Myanmar Times his office had proposed three priority and three alternative sites for the schools. The regional government will build three child-friendly schools for both Rakhine and [Muslim] children, he said.

The regional state government will make the final decision [on the locations]. The Rakhine State Government will spend K million on each school. At the moment, I m only worried about food and accommodation. The trainees will teach at the temporary schools with other staff from the government education department, said U Hla Sein Tun.

He added that the government had instituted special measures for Muslim students in Rakhine State, including conducting matriculation exams in separate exam centres. In its report into communal conflict in Rakhine State released on April 29, the Rakhine Investigation Commission said that while the majority of the schools closed amid sectarian violence last year have been reopened for the Rakhine IDPs, the schools for the children living in Bengali IDP camps remained closed for the school year. But the purpose is not only to provide students with a healthy drink; researchers will also study how increased milk consumption affects their mental and physical development The program was initiated in January, when Tetra Pak signed a memorandum of understanding with the ministry.

Under the agreement, Tetra Pak will provide milk to 10, students in 28 schools in Nay Pyi Taw, 17, students in schools in Yangon Region and 17, students in 73 schools in Mandalay Region. Tatmadaw schools and a monastic school in the Nay Pyi Taw area are also being included in the project, U Ohn Myint said. The project will monitor changes in height, growth, health status and school attendance. The Ministry of Education chose the schools to be included in the study and will provide information to students and teachers, while the Ministry of Health will examine the fitness, growth and intelligence of students.

Prior to launching the campaign, Tetra Pak conducted a pilot project with 10, students at schools in Nay Pyi Taw from January 14 to February The company could not be contacted for comment last week. Tetra Pak is a privately owned multinational company with head offices in Sweden and Switzerland. Schools around the country will open on June 3, with enrolment taking place over the past few weeks. As in previous years, the government has said that students do not need to pay school fees, and that textbooks and exercise books will be provided free of charge.

I just want to see children continue to work hard and parents cooperate with us for the sake of their children s education. One change, however, is that the government has said it will pay K to the parents of every enrolled student. A number of parents said that the payment has not yet been distributed in Yangon Region. We didn t get K when I went to the school to enrol my children. Maybe they will give us the money on school opening day. I don t know what else will change this academic year, said a parent from Thaketa township.

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At our school we didn t give K The number of graduates hired as assistant teachers in on school enrolment day but I think it will be given out on school opening day, agreed Daw Ei Ei Khine, a teacher at Basic Education High School 4 Ahlone. Deputy Minister for Education U Aye Kyu said the impact of the ministry s policy changes would be most felt in rural areas, where schools struggle to attract and hold on to teachers. One major change is the appointment of graduates as teaching assistants in primary schools.

Of the 12, that the ministry planned to appoint, only have so far been found because of the job criteria, he said. They only have to work in their native town. After three years we will give them a primary distance teaching certificate and they can then be a proper teacher, he said. Most of the teachers want to come and teach in urban areas so rural areas are facing a shortage of teachers, she said. She said that ahead of the start of the school year some teachers were sent to a summer program on how to use a child-centred approach to teaching.

I still don t know how this method will be used in the classroom this year. But we have been told that people from the ministry will come and check us when we are teaching, she said. Daw Kay Nwe Zar Khine, a teacher at Basic Education High School 14 Chanayetarzan in Mandalay, said teachers at state schools were under pressure to lift their game because children are switching to newly established private schools.

As The Myanmar Times reported last month, the number of registered private schools in Mandalay has doubled because of demand from parents looking for alternatives to the state system. Because private schools have officially opened all teachers have to work harder to improve their skills. The principal at our school has reminded us to be aware of the need to improve our teaching methods, Daw Kay Nwe Zar Khine said.

But there aren t really any other changes this academic year. We don t need more teachers in our school because we are in a downtown area but most rural areas need teachers. The commission also found that there had been a sharp drop in attendance at mixed schools and teachers in mixed schools or those with mostly Muslim students were afraid of returning to work, and said it was critical that the government establish and maintain security at these schools.

But U Hla Sein Tun said parents of Muslim students also need material support to encourage them to keep their children in school. We have found that in some [Muslim] camps there is not much enthusiasm for schooling because of poverty, he said. If they don t get enough provisions then [parents] are likely to ask their children to work instead of going to school so this kind of support is also important.

U Sulaman, a year-old Muslim IDP from Owntawgyi camp, said he was unsure how the four school-age children in his family would be able to go to school. I don t know what I can do for their schooling. At the moment, I m only worried about food and accommodation, he said. I have three children and the older ones need schooling but I m not sure yet where I can send them, said the Mingan camp resident My husband is a trishaw driver. I have no job. We used to live far from here and I m not sure whether to try and send my kids to school back there.

The schools were temporarily closed during last year s fighting. A total of , students were attending basic education schools of primary, middle and high school level in Rakhine State last year. This year s forum is the largest in its year history and will see key figures from industry, government, academia and civil society take part in discussions centred on three main themes: inspiring inclusive transformation, realising regional integration and finding regional solutions for global resilience.

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Minister for the President s Office U Soe Thein said the forum would be an opportunity for Myanmar to showcase its economic potential to the outside world. We are looking for an experienced and dynamic Myanmar national to fill the following positions. Duration : Open- ended contract 1. Knowledge of principles and methods for showing, promoting, and selling products or services.

Secretary for the president F 1 Post process would encourage more foreign investment. The event would also promote Myanmar s growing tourism industry, he said. This potential was highlighted in a report released last week by the McKinsey Global Institute think tank, which said the economy has the capacity to grow by 8 percent a year if the country is able to more than double its labour-productivity growth rate to 7pc.

The report pointed to a number of - Age:Under 30,University Graduate or higher with ability to communicate and work in English - Computer literate,entry level to approximately 2 year of experience in secretarial work is plus 5. Photo: Aung Htay Hlaing key factors that, if managed properly, will drive Myanmar s economic expansion, including harnessing digital technology, supporting a structural shift toward manufacturing, preparing for urbanisation and forging strong regional and international relationships.

Mr Rao told The Myanmar Times that the forum will seek to highlight the need for greater trust-building and cooperation between different stakeholders in Myanmar s transition to democracy. Although the process has been largely top-down, it has allowed many more actors from diverse backgrounds and opinions to participate in national debates and to express their opinions.

This is a positive step in the right direction, but reforms cannot end here. There must be reconciliation with the past and building of trust toward a future which is more inclusive, equitable and sustainable, he said. Critics who scoffed at the idea, announced last March, that Yangon bus service regulator Ma Hta Tha was taking over control of the city s taxis from YCDC scoffed, apparently, correctly.

Two months on, no action has been taken to effect the transfer of authority, Ma Hta Tha secretary U Ba Myint said last week. There is no change in the taxi registration system. Yangon City Development Committee is not saying anything, so we are not doing anything. The situation is in limbo.

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YCDC said they would carry on as before. We will help them as much as we can, said U Ba Myint. In March, Yangon s central Ma Hta Tha body announced that it would take over processing taxi registrations from April 1, which prompted sceptical comments to the effect that Ma Hta Tha should start properly regulating bus services before they take on Yangon s taxi fleet.

However, he could offer no A taxi driver stands next to his car outside a hotel in Yangon. Photo: Archive other reason. It s not as if the transfer to Ma Hta Tha will never take place. I think higher-level people are still finalising the plans. He said no reason had been given for the hold-up.

A legal directive will come out, he said. As of December there were about 24, registered taxis in Yangon, government figures show. The women were repatriated under a regional agreement, said Police Colonel Win Naing Tun, the deputy chief of the antitrafficking force. As part of the agreement on the suppression of human trafficking among Mekong s six countries Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and China the countries concerned established border liaison offices. As a result, we can save victims of human trafficking and we can also unveil human traffickers.

Between January and May, China transferred 26 victims who were sold into China back to Myanmar, he said. Than Naing Soe and Hlaing Kyaw Soe Mandalay Train kils two people Authorities in Mandalay say a man and a woman found dead beside a railway line in the centre of town were hit by a train. Police say the woman had sustained injuries to her head, left ankle and left knee. Ko Soe Min Thu was found beside Mingalar Canal, below the railroad track, with injuries to the back of his head and abrasions on his face, a spokesperson from Mandalay Region s police office said.

When police searched the body of Ko Soe Min Thu, from Kyaukse township, they found a letter showing he had recently been released from prison, an official from Mahar Aung Myay police station said. Si Thu Lwin, translated by Zar Zar Soe Mandalay Alleged scammer arrested A former police officer has been arrested for allegedly posing as a policeman and trying to extort money from a Mandalay resident, officials said. A spokesperson from the Mandalay Region police force said it was the second time in a month that Ko Min Htike, also known as Kaung Htet, pretended to be a policeman for financial gain.

The year-old man allegedly told Chan Myar Tharsi township resident Daw Khin Mar Aye that he was a police lieutenant from Mandalay Region and asked her for money so he could attend an officer training program. The spokesperson said police launched an investigation and found that Ko Min Ktike had allegedly committed a similar offence two weeks ago when he asked someone for money at Ko Lar Lar restaurant on Mandalay s 56 th Street. Ko Min Htike served as a police officer but was fired and sentenced to one-and-a-half year prison for breaking the police discipline code.

The abolition was announced by the president s office and in stateowned newspapers on May The member body was created in January to improve the safety and comfort of commuters, and only last week announced ambitious short- and long-term schemes to relieve congestion and enforce order on the city s congested streets. Plans included installing computerised traffic control systems, a bus rapid transport line, improved traffic lights, a park-and-ride system and better water and rail transport. The future of those initiatives is now unclear. I don t know exactly why yet, said U Kyi Thein, who served as chairman.

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JICA started surveying and making plans to upgrade the Yangon transportation system even before our group was formed, said U Kyi Thein. He added that the government would continue the implementation of the other projects. The President s Office declined to comment on the decision. This growth could create 10 million jobs and lift 18 million people out of poverty and would be led mostly by the manufacturing sector, with a shift away from agriculture, the report said.

The McKinsey team spent four months in Myanmar researching the page report, which was released to the public on May The researchers interviewed more than academics, economists and business owners and employed statistics from the United Nations and the Chinese government to compile the report, which covers seven sectors of the economy. Myanmar is a very unusual case: a large country with a rich history that remains an underdeveloped agrarian economy in the heart of the world s fastest growing regional economy, the report said.

McKinsey Global Institute director Richard Dobbs said at a press conference on May 30 that the report was written for academics, policy makers and business people. He said the report is mainly to help investors understand this new and unique market. The McKinsey team said at the launch that its robust predictions for economic growth appear reasonable when compared with the previous experiences of other ASEAN members. The recent experiences of other emerging economies suggest that such an acceleration of growth in Myanmar would be challenging, but possible.

Indonesia quadrupled its per capita GDP from the level in Myanmar today in just 14 years and Thailand did it in 13 years. China quadrupled its per capita GDP in just 12 years, the report said. The writers freely admit, however, that very little reliable data exists on Myanmar s economy. Nevertheless, we have tried to build as strong a fact base for our analysis as possible under the circumstances.

However, the authors stress that there is a major risk that the reform process could lead to disappointment and cautioned both citizens and investors about the challenges that still remain. Much uncertainty remains. Many want reassurance that the government can resolve ethnic and communal violence, maintain its momentum toward political and economic reform and ease constraints on doing business. These political and economic choices will determine the sustainability of change, it said.

Mr Dobbs said Myanmar is on three different but related journeys economic, political, and social. If any single one is neglected, they will all fail, he said. The Yangon office is at present under the authority of the Norwegian ambassador to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, p. Bangkok, having responsibilities regarding the bilateral relationship with the Government of Myanmar and development aid programs. From the same offices administered by the Norwegian mission, representatives of the other Scandinavian countries, Denmark and Sweden will operate as well. The staff will work for and in close cooperation with all the representatives from the three Scandinavian countries.

We are currently looking to recruit Myanmar nationals to one possibly two administrative support positions to join our dynamic Myanmar and Scandinavian teams at these recently established offices. The positions should be taken up as soon as possible. The future of our cities and in particular Yangon will determine so much about the future of the country.

It will determine the speed of Myanmar s development, shape the daily lives of the millions of Myanmar people, structure our economy and set the stage for politics and relations between ethnic and religious communities for generations to come. Getting the future of our cities right means planning now.

McKinsey s new study on the future of Myanmar s economy makes exactly this point. One of the keys to unlocking Myanmar s potential, it says, is urban planning. The worldwide trend toward urbanisation is set to continue through the 21 st century. Asian cities are growing fast and will soon be home to 2. As economies advance they become more urban and Myanmar will be no exception. What this means is that in 10 or 20 years, Yangon and other large cities in Myanmar will be actively competing with their regional counterparts to attract investment and talent. The cities with the best physical and legal infrastructure will have a leg up on everybody else but those that can also foster creativity and entrepreneurship will come out on top.

Myanmar is overwhelmingly rural, with only eight million people living in urban areas. There are only three really large cities Yangon, Mandalay and Mawlamyine and a handful of smaller ones. But this picture could change extremely quickly. McKinsey s study predicts that as Myanmar s economy grows, the urban population could expand to 18 million by That means 10 million more people in Yangon and elsewhere.

As the study says, well-managed urbanisation can rapidly boost living standards and act as a driver for overall development. About 54 percent of total GDP from now to could come from Myanmar s growing cities. If new and enforced systems of taxation are put in place, cities could account for more than half of all government revenue. But as we have seen in many other countries, if it is poorly managed urbanisation can become a huge economic drag and lead to unmanageable political and social ills.

Already in Yangon we see problems related to affordable housing and public transport. A Yangon with twice as many people would be a disaster if not properly planned. The scale of the challenge is enormous. Yangon, Mandalay and other large cities will require no less than 10, kilometres of new roads, million square feet of residential buildings, 27 million square feet of commercial floor space and hospitals all within 17 years. Meeting this challenge will require facilitating investments but also ensuring that government authority is rationalised and is able to make decisions as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Right now a plethora of different ministries and government bodies are involved in issues related to urban planning, often through their ownership of land and buildings. There needs to be new thinking on the governance structure of the larger cities in particular. Constitutional or other changes may be needed so that local bodies have the authority and money required to manage urban growth properly.

The McKinsey report also echoes the views of the Yangon Heritage Trust when it states that maintaining its urban heritage should be a priority for Myanmar. As we have argued, Yangon has an exceptional opportunity to become the most livable city in the region and its urban heritage this will be a priceless asset If it is poorly managed, urbanisation can become a huge economic drag.

The tourism potential is enormous but so is the value in creating an environment that mixes old and new and maintains its unique character. Heritage conservation can easily create thousands of new jobs and revitalise downtown Yangon. Together with the Japan International Cooperation Agency, the Yangon government has been preparing a new master plan for the long-term development of Yangon s infrastructure.

At the request of the president, Yangon Heritage Trust has been reviewing parts of this plan from a conservation perspective. We are also working with the city on new zoning regulations, supporting training programs and helping bring in experts from around the world to strengthen Yangon City Development Committee s new urban planning department.

Much more however needs to be done. We should see urban planning as one of our most important challenges, ensure that proper resources and high-level attention are given and begin an informed public debate on what we want our cities to become in the 21 st century. Even in a time when the rule of law supposedly prevails, we do not feel secure. Working class [people] like us are being threatened and forced to move so we have come to submit the matter to the president, U Than Lwin, one of the workers who travelled to Nay Pyi Taw to appeal their eviction, said in late May.

Of the 40 destroyed houses, 21 were on land that had been donated to build a primary school. The houses were built there with the permission of the ward administrator shortly after the migrants arrived in the area from other parts of Myanmar mostly Bago and Magwe regions in The migrants work as vendors and labourers on construction sites and rubber plantations. However, officials rejected the workers complaints, saying they had been given the opportunity to object when the decision was being made to begin construction at the school site.

Myoma 3 ward s administrator, U Moe Myint Oo, who had previously given permission for the workers to stay on the site, said the workers were given adequate warning of the move, as well as options for new housing, before their homes were demolished on May This action stemmed from the resolution agreed on at the Lamine Pagoda by the school building committee, town elders and the sayadaws. U Moe Myint Oo said the migrant workers have been offered square-foot replacement plots for K, and loans to cover the cost.

Workers who cannot afford to buy the land can choose to lease it for K a month, he said. The proposal on replacement land was already agreed on by all, U Moe Myint Oo said. We knocked down the houses because the deadline passed and everybody [had already] agreed [to move]. When demolishing the houses, we did it in presence of the authorities. U Soe Win Aung, an education officer from Lamine, said the construction work had been planned for some time.

Many years ago, [the land] was put aside for the school. Not all of the displaced migrant workers supported the complaint letter. U Bayluwa said the resentment stemmed from the fact that the workers have lived there for a long time, [so] they don t want to move. But U Bayluwa said he had taken up the offer of new housing.

I have already applied for two pieces of land at the new site, he said. The Gulf of Mottama, while less well-known as a travel destination than Inle Lake, is home to at least half of the world s population of spoon-billed sandpiper. The Gulf of Mottama is one of the world s most important wetlands, the spokesperson said. The physical features of the estuary produce one of the most productive ecosystems on earth, the basis of rich biodiversity.

He said BANCA is already at work in the gulf, carrying out surveys and environmental education as part of efforts to preserve the site. We already are running the spoonbilled sandpiper survey and conservation project in the Gulf of Mottama. Myanmar has about 30 wetlands areas and the spokesperson said many more could potentially qualify for protection. Ramsar sites are named in honour of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, signed in in the city of Ramsar, Pakistan. To be designated as a Ramsar site, an area must contain a representative, rare, or unique example of a natural or near-natural wetland type.

The site boasts square kilometres 40 square miles of wetlands, 2. The Myanmar Times Sandar Lwin recently met U Maung Kyaw, the chairman of the government of the Palaung Self-administered Zone, on the sidelines of a constitutional reform workshop in Yangon to find out what impact the creation of the zone has had on the lives of people in Namhsan and Manton townships in Shan State How does it feel to be serving as the first leader of the Palaung Selfadministered Zone?

I m happy. Ethnic minority groups like us have never had an opportunity like this before. We didn t hold arms and rebel against the government to wipe out the government; rather, we wanted to get equal rights with other ethnic groups and equal status as a state like other ethnic groups. During the era of the saopha when Shan State was ruled by hereditary leaders our area was known as Taung Pai Nal and in English it was called Palaung State on the map. It was only [under the constitution] that we got a Palaung Self-administered Zone.

We are so happy about it. What do you mean by equal rights with other ethnic groups? Has there been any progress towards that since the zone was established? We live in the country of Myanmar and within Shan State. We want minority ethnic groups like us, such as the Pa-O, Danu and Wa, to have the same rights in proportion. We want political, economic, social and all other rights.

What barriers are you facing to enjoy those rights? Since we have got our own self-administered zone there has been much improvement [in our area]. We never had roads connecting the villages and now the government has built them. Road transportation was always bad before but now the road leading to Namhsam is mostly good, although there are still some parts that need to be improved. Previously, many villages suffered from water shortages but during we started improving water supplies.

Even before the new constitution came into effect, the military government built hospitals and instaleld 66kV transformers and power lines. Now Namhsam township gets hour electricity, although only eight out of villages are connected. The government will gradually increase connections. So what you are saying is that you want the Palaung area to have the same socio-economic development as other parts of the country and that self administration is important for achieving that? That s right. What about the judiciary in your area? We do not have a court for our A Palaung woman in Shan State.

Photo: Douglas Long self-administered zone yet. The court still exists only on paper. It is an important requirement. But also the administration of the zone has not been completely realised.

An Inconvenient Truth - Trailer

The constitution states that the leading body of the self-administered zone and the General Administration Department are to be separate, and the leading body is to contact the Shan State Government and Union Government directly. But in practice that s not what is happening yet. At the moment our workflow is from the leading body to the township and then the district administration department before reaching the state government and then Union Government.

The amount of authority distributed to us so far is suitable given our current capacity. U Maung Kyaw Chairman of the Leading Body of the Palaung Self-Administered Zone I heard you say that the leading bodies of the self-administered zones do not even have the authority to appoint a clerk in a school. Yes, yes. We cannot appoint them but the state government can so we regularly push them to ensure that we have enough staff at schools in our area.

Currently, all educational staff are appointed by the Directorate of Basic Education. The directorate then sends the staff [to our area] but it takes a long time. It seems all ethnic minority-based political organisations are calling for federalism. Do you support that? I am not thoroughly knowledgable about federalism. Every system has its good points and bad points. But I think it is good to distribute more authority under the current decentralisation process. To distribute more authority? I mean that I want more of the tasks that are listed [in the constitution] as the responsibility of the Union Government to be delegated to state governments and then to selfadministered zones.

As we do not have administrative experience, the amount of authority that has been distributed to us so far is suitable given our current administrative capacity. We have no experience in administration or budgeting so we need a year or two to learn and get prepared. By attending meetings organised by the Union Government and workshops like this, we will gain more knowledge about what we should do in our area. I have read reports that people in some villages in the Palaung Self-administered Zone have been forced to flee their homes because of Tatmadaw activities.

Do you have any information on this? No villagers have had to move. But an armed group relies on its weapons in the way animals with sharp claws rely on their claws, animals with fangs rely on their fangs and animals with poison rely on their poison. In any armed group, the behaviour of the highest officers and lowest troops is different. Although various rules are set by the officials at the top, the troops have their own behavior. If the Tatmadaw does something unacceptable, we inform the military representative in our selfadministered zone leading body and he solves these problems.

A peace offer has been sent [by the government] to the TNLA and I believe peace negotiations will begin very soon. The TNLA replied that it will follow the people s wishes. I believe that the situation can be resolved quickly. We are looking for ambitious and experienced lawyers for our Yangon office to work as adviser to foreign companies especially Japanese. Candidates with excellent business-level English skills are preferable.

We seek proactive candidates who can excel under our truly global and expanding work environment. Eager and ambitious and applicants without relevant and satisfying work experience however with respectful english language skills can also apply. Please download the application form from the following URL, fill it up in English and send it to the following address.

Verybest Myanmar Company Limited. Many people can speak Korean or Thai but they do not become tour guides. Stuart Dean, GE s chief executive officer for Southeast Asia, told The Myanmar Times last month that while the business environment is very pro US, firms from Europe and Japan will be better placed to capitalise on opportunities in Myanmar unless changes to US policy are enacted soon. While trade sanctions have garnered most of the headlines, Mr Dean said it is the absence of US agencies the Overseas The frustrating this is that all three agencies are biting at the bit to get started here.

The agencies assist American companies with finance, insurance and feasibility studies. The frustrating thing is that all three are biting at the bit to get started here but they need Congressional approval to get involved, Mr Dean said, adding that the Export-Import Bank, which does not loan to Myanmar, is not considering entering Myanmar until , a date he said in his personal opinion was late. OPIC, a development finance group had its operations suspended Myanmar in the s due to concerns over human rights issues, took its first step towards resuming operations on May 21 when Deputy Minister for Commerce Dr Pwint San signed an Investment Incentive Agreement with the group during President U Thein Sein s visit to Washington.

GE became the first major US company to re-enter Myanmar following the easing of US sanctions in July The company s first deal was to provide medical equipment to two Yangon hospitals through local partner Sea Lion. The company opened its Yangon office on May 23 and at a ceremony in Nay Pyi Taw the previous day GE announced that it had signed a memorandum of understanding with lighting firm Lighting Co Specialists.

Mr Dean downplayed the difficulty of working around the Treasury Department s Specially Designated Nationals List but said the GE office opening had been delayed because names of those invited to the ceremony needed to be checked against those on the list. The process of clearing about individuals, both Mr Dean and chief country representative Andrew Lee said, took far longer than expected.

US companies are barred from engaging in business with individuals and companies tthat Stuart Dean speaks at a press conference in Yangon. Photo: Boothee appear on the SDN list. After quickly establishing its first relationship with Sea Lion in , Mr Dean said that finding more local partners had proven more difficult than initially anticipated. We thought it might be easier after that. But it was much more challenging finding other distributors, he said. He added that the electric power sector was particularly difficult because many companies hoping to work with GE had also worked under the former military government, which put them in a grey area.

We have to be extremely careful, he added. The administrator has denied the allegations and said they are based on a personal dispute and said he no longer wanted to hold the position. But residents of Nyaung Pin Thar village said the administrator collected K from each household to light up the village for five years but then kept the money for himself. He started collecting money in to receive electric power. He monopolised a village hydropower turbine for his own benefit, said resident U Aung Kyaw Myint.

We submitted a complaint about him to the township administrator but didn t receive a response so now we sent complaint letters to all relevant government departments. U Aung Kyaw Myint said the administrator even sold electricity from the village turbine to other residents. Residents also allege he forced them to build a drainage ditch to irrigate his plantation and plan to ask police to file charges.

But the village administrator, U Zaw Naing, denied the accusations. I ve been working as administrator in my spare time as a volunteer. I have no intention to bully other people in the village, U Zaw Naing said. Who would accept me if I was actually committing the things they allege? I have been selected by the villagers three times [as administrators] and there are many people who support me. U Zaw Naing said he no longer wants to serve as administrator. The accusations are not true and I have already explained about the electricity issue, he said.

Nyaung Pin Thar village has households. Fraudulent imitation or unauthorised use of the said Trade Mark will be dealt with according to law. Win Mu Tin, M. Box 60, Yangon Dated: 3 June The Committee for the Prevention of the Creation of Riots was formed in March to bring together representatives of the two faiths against the background of violent clashes in Rakhine State last year, and in Meiktila in March. Its patron is the controversial Buddhist monk Sayadaw Wirathu, who has been accused of making anti-muslim comments.

Sayadaw Wirathu told a press conference on May 29 that conflict would not arise if there was a sufficient level of sympathy between the two groups. He said members of both communities were responsible for the violence and leading monks condemned any action that violated the law. He said the committee was currently mediating an issue in which a Buddhist man had been jailed following a complaint of trespass by the parents of his Muslim girlfriend.

A similar incident sparked anti- Muslim riots in Yangon in April. Committee member Galon Ni Sayadaw U Karwiya said both sides had to cooperate to prevent outbreaks of conflict. Daw Win Mya May, representing the National League for Democracy, said Mandalay had avoided conflict because of the role played by monks.

Class Provision of services of independent financial advisers; financial services; financial planning, management, consultancy and administration; financial brokerage; insurance brokering; commercial brokering; business Sayadaw Wirathu left speaks to a monk at a press conference in Mandalay on May During one recent incident, they acted to calm a crowd and persuaded them to disperse, she said, calling for the rapid deployment of security forces to trouble spots to maintain order.

A Muslim member of the committee, U Mg Mg, thanked the monks and urged them to continue working for public order in Mandalay. Mandalay suffered no great damage in the uprising because the power of monks in Mandalay, he said. Class Legal services; computer software design and programming services, professional non-business consultancy; professional consultancy services relating to financial, investment, insurance, auditing, taxation, corporate recovery and accountancy matters; preparation of reports; provision of access to computer databases, all containing financial information; company formation services; litigation advice; litigation support services; forensic accounting; expert witness services; consultancy services relating to information technology; legal services relating to administration and receivership; professional consultancy services relating to administration and receivership.

Fraudulent imitation or unauthorised use of the said Trade Marks will be dealt with according to law. Though China was the second-largest country of origin for visitors to Myanmar last year, the travel professionals see potential for much larger numbers. On May 25, the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism met representatives of Chinese tour companies to discuss how to expand advertising to increase Chinese arrivals.

Most Chinese people know Myanmar is one of the poorest countries in the world. We know many Chinese visit Myanmar on business. But Myanmar should promote the idea of luxury tourism to the country, said one participant. Fifty tour company representatives, from Shanghai, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hong Kong, Chongqing, Nanjing, Guangzhou and Hangzhou, attended the discussion as part of a one-week trip. During the discussion, they pointed out that advertising about Myanmar as a tourist destination for Chinese visitors is scanty.

Some urged Myanmar to open the Muse border gate to encourage more cross-border visitors. U Aye Thein, vice general manager of the tourism ministry for Yangon Region, said the ministry has arranged to broadcast the World Economic Forum directly on CNN to promote the country. More than 70, Chinese visited Myanmar last year, the second-largest number from any single country, according to ministry data. One participant, a professional photographer, praised Myanmar people for their warm welcome and praised the country s natural beauty. On his return to China he would encourage his friends to visit Myanmar, he said.

Myanmar tourism would benefit from wider advertising, he added. Other agents suggested improving telecommunications and increasing direct air links. The increase comes after the Ministry of Culture awarded the rights to collect entrance fees to the Myanmar Tourism Federation. Federation treasurer U Myanmar should promote the idea of luxury tourism.

Than Swe said profits from the entrance fee would be used for tourism promotion. We raised the fee to get more funding for the federation. We are a non-government organisation and don t receive any funding from the government, he said. Box No. Phone: Dated: 3 rd June, Garment exports are expected to exceed WESTERN garment and footwear brands are conducting due diligence on individual Myanmar factories, the industry as a whole and the government s political and reform process, industry representatives and officials say.

The brands are drawn by the easing of sanctions, dutyfree access to new markets, a new legal framework that establishes basic workers rights and nascent efforts to improve working conditions at factories. Recent disasters at factories in Bangladesh also have them looking for new countries to source from. I don t think we have seen the fallout from Bangladesh yet, said Steve Marshall, the liaison officer of the International Labour Organisation in Myanmar. Several global brands have contacted his office as part of their research. Obviously they are concerned about reputational risk, he said, adding that they are doing their due diligence, seeking reports on broader human rights and also specifically on labour market issues.

Expectations that production costs in Myanmar will fall as access to electricity increases and economic reforms reduce freight, telecom and financial transactions costs are also perking up their interest. Cambodia has been a major beneficiary of this move, with 56 Hong Kongowned factories employing 35, workers in the country. There is no reason why we cannot duplicate that in Myanmar, Mr Fong said. Mr Marshall said he would not be surprised if global brands started sourcing from Myanmar fairly quickly. International brands fled Myanmar a decade ago due to widespread reports of human rights abuses and the imposition of sanctions by western governments.

According to the Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association this cost 80, jobs. Steps are also being taken to prepare the legal basis for the implementation of a Better Factories program here, which will allow ILO monitors to assess factories for compliance with labour laws and ILO conventions. This will provide Western brands some confidence that their images will not be tarnished if they outsource production to Myanmar factories. Essentially what everybody has agreed is that at this stage it is too early to introduce a Better Work type scheme here because the legal structures do not exist for it, Mr Marshall said, citing the absence of a minimum wage law and another covering occupational health and safety as examples.

These laws are, however, expected to be tabled during parliament s next session, which begins on June Besides input from the ILO, the labour ministry is also receiving technical assistance on developing labour laws as well as the garment industry as a whole from the European Union, trade-related agencies of Western governments seeking bilateral deals with Myanmar, and global buyers, industry representatives and officials said.

The ILO is helping develop a legal framework for the industry, enforcement mechanisms, and a more nimble association for factory owners as well as trade unions. A m ajor goal, according to Mr Marshall, is a labour market that is cooperative rather than confrontational. He s betting that this can be achieved by ensuring constructive social dialogue between factory owners and workers so that the interests of both sides are taken into account in the decision-making process. It is a goal he acknowledges will be tricky to pull off in a country that recently emerged from 50 years of military rule.

This country has basically been an orders-based environment. Orders were issued,. The sixth HK delegation in one year will comprise chief executive officers and other business leaders from the financial services, logistics and trade industries, among others. They will arrive in Yangon on June 26 for a four-day visit. Its members will meet Myanmar business leaders in Yangon and ministers in the capital.

Dr Mg Mg Lay, vice president of the Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, said there has been an upsurge in visits by Hong Kong executives as well as delegations and that the federation is helping arrange meetings with ministers for the next delegation. It will be the highest-level visit so far as Hong Kong s financial services industry makes a move to attract Myanmar businesses to use its banks for international transactions made in China s currency, the renminbi, Mr Fong said.

Mr Fong described Hong Kong s push into Southeast Asia as a return, saying it had been very active in the region prior to China s opening to the global economy 30 years ago. Manufacturers based in Hong Kong subsequently shifted to mainland China due to its proximity and inexpensive labour market, but are now returning to Southeast Asia because its rapid economic development is increasing demand for trading, financial service and logistics expertise, all of which Hong Kong is renowned for.

The average annual growth rate was 8pc for the previous three years. Mr Fong said growth is likely to be exponential in the future, particularly in the garment industry, because it is starting from a low base. Like South Korea, Hong Kong s cultural assets, such as films and Cantonese pop, will be part of its strategic re-engagement with the region.

Mr Fong s office is also preparing a summer internship program that will place hundreds of Hong Kong university students in government agencies, non-governmental organisations, media outlets and private businesses throughout Southeast Asia beginning next year. Mr Fong described Hong Kong s strategic expansion in Southeast Asia as investment with a human touch due to its stress on cultural and people-to people exchanges. Photo: Aung Htay Hlaing orders were received, orders were passed on and orders were obeyed, Mr Marshall said.

This applied in all environments, including the workplace. An attitude shift is needed among employers as well as workers, he added. A non-profitable company does not employ staff so we have make sure that companies can be competitive and maintain profitability, and that is achieved not on the back of low wages but on high productivity, high quality, low waste and less rework.

Mr Marshall believes that Myanmar s advantage is that it is starting from scratch, and that this allows the formation of effective unions and industry associations as well as a collaborative approach to creating a garment sector that benefits both. I actually believe [starting from scratch] creates opportunities, which if we are all clever we could actually use for very useful ends in terms of developing not just the economy but society, he said, adding that what goes on in the workplace is a microcosm of what goes on outside.

Although Myanmar s garment industry is close to gaining direct access to western markets, it does face several hurdles. US-based Human Rights Watch is already calling for more reforms before Washington includes Myanmar in its Generalised System of Preferences, which allows duty-free access to its market. If the US moves too fast on easing sanctions on Myanmar it will undermine the ability of the US government to push for improved respect for labour rights, it said in a press release in late April. Mr Marshall said the biggest risk is the failure of the peace process.

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The peace process is absolutely critical. Everything is contingent on it. His woke with both non-sate armies and the government makes him confident all sides want peace, though he is quick to add that the non-state armies are not just going to roll over and accept everything. The government also understands that having a semidemocratic semi-developed Myanmar with eight civil wars going on the outside is not the model they are looking to achieve, he said.

The future of Myanmar s garment industry, and the country itself, may hinge on stitching together a peace deal, but the reforms already undertaken have caught the eye of global brands.

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  • The opportunities are huge, Mr Marshall said. Raman Ramachandran, the company s senior vice president of crop protection for Asia Pacific, told The Myanmar Times last week that BASF has finished its market research and is gearing up for business. We will start rolling out our business in Myanmar by , he said at press conference in Singapore.

    We see significant market potential in Myanmar. We will distribute not only agricultural chemical products but construction chemicals. BASF is in talks with three potential partners here, including Diamond Star and Myanma Awba, to overcome its key hurdle: reaching farmers. Our main challenge is that we don t know how to get to farmers. Infrastructure in Myanmar is a big problem for distribution, Mr Ramachandran said.

    The supply will be either from 7am to 12pm or from 12pm to 5pm, depending on the zone, officials said. Yangon Region Chief Minister U Myint Swe agreed, saying these factories primarily food-processing plants have the greatest need because their raw materials and finished products rely on refrigeration. Industrial zones in Yangon and Mandalay regions lost their statesupplied power in early May, with an official announcement made on May 6, but factory owners said cuts began in late April, forcing them to rely solely on diesel-powered generator.

    U Myint Swe said the regional government had been pushing the ministry to resupply economic zones and requested that they receive state-supplied power 24 hours a day by the end of May. If they couldn t do that we asked them to provide as much electricity as possible, he said, adding that state-owned factories will be shut temporarily and electricity diverted from them to economic zones.

    U Nyan Tun Oo said on May 28 that power depended on rainfall. It depends on the amount of rainfall. Hydropower relies on water in the [reservoirs of] dams if there is not enough rain then we cannot generate enough power. U Myint Swe said demand for electricity is rising faster than the amount the ministry can supply. Every year we strive to meet rising demand but cannot. Ah, you muck-worm, you stupid stump!

    Out with it! Take it wherever you like!

    e-book An Inconvenient Set of Truths: A CyberTech Odessy

    So that I never hear of it again! May 27, I declare. What do that mean? Jun 17, Jun 19, I loved it, because I love Harry Potter and more Harry Potter is always good news for me, but it didn't answer any of my burning questions about the S I loved it, because I love Harry Potter and more Harry Potter is always good news for me, but it didn't answer any of my burning questions about the Sorting Hat. Is it imbued with some sort of precognition? How else can you judge a child of eleven and place them into one of four boxes?

    How many futures has the Hat shaped by this very simple act of social stratification? Nearly a thousand years. Truly, one of the most powerful characters in the series and yet seen only as a talking object one must haul out once a year. How very Slytherin. Mar 02, The Breast. In Kafkaesque form, a man turns into a giant breast and somehow still continues to be a horny dick.

    This seems more like a story you write for yoursel In Kafkaesque form, a man turns into a giant breast and somehow still continues to be a horny dick. This seems more like a story you write for yourself and never, ever, let it see the light of day. We all have those, Mr. Roth, but most of us have the good sense to, uh, keep it to ourselves. Feb 27, So Umbridge was just a terrible person from birth. Good to know. Feb 25, Negative a star for making me think about human women giving birth to puppies, but a half star for this: "Kettleburn retired to Hogsmeade but 4. Negative a star for making me think about human women giving birth to puppies, but a half star for this: "Kettleburn retired to Hogsmeade but was unable, due to his physical infirmities, to take part in the Battle of Hogwarts.

    Determined to play his part, he clambered into his attic and threw his entire stock of Flobberworms out of the skylight at passing Death Eaters. While this may not have had much effect on the outcome of the battle, it was generally felt to show the right spirit. Feb 23, Magic Steals Kate Daniels, 6. Feb 17, The Fall of the House of Usher. Alone, at midnight, is definitely the best way to experience Poe; his style evokes such an otherworldly creepiness.

    The literal and metaphorical fall Alone, at midnight, is definitely the best way to experience Poe; his style evokes such an otherworldly creepiness. The literal and metaphorical fall of the House of Usher is gothic af. The estate: "There was an iciness, a sinking, a sickening of the heart—an unredeemed dreariness of thought which no goading of the imagination could torture into aught of the sublime.

    The silken hair, too, had been suffered to grow all unheeded, and as, in its wild gossamer texture, it floated rather than fell about the face. Feb 08, Anderson, Kevin J. Cheating, again. Skimmed most of the stories, because I really grabbed this for "Unappreciated Gifts", a short story in Patricia Briggs' Alpha and Omega series.

    It explores sometime in the life of my favorite supporting character, Asil, as a few mysterious packmates set him up on a series of blind dates. This story covers the first date: dinner and masquerade ball. His date Kelly and he immediately get off on the wrong foot, mostly because Kelly is a man. I love Asil. His mouth stayed where it was and noise quit coming out of it. I was hoping that he and this young man, who had been tricked into this farce as well, would come to an understanding of the more intimate nature, but Asil proclaims his heterosexuality.

    Still, a good friendship blossoms. Kelly is very cute, I would love to see him in the background the next time we meet Asil in the main series. Jan 17, Strange Brew. A rounded up 3. I read all of the stories, but since I'm only familiar with half of the series, that's what the rating and reviews are for.

    I really enjoyed seeing more of Moira, the blind white witch whose strong morals led her to destroy her own eye as a young girl rather than fall prey to Kouros, a coven leader: "Sacrifice is good for power," she said again. The plot moved along at a nice pace, but we went from zero to one hundred red roses very, very quickly on Tom's end. He and Moira were strangers locked in a pact of mutual cooperation and by the literal end of the day, Tom was calling her family. Partially the nature of werewolf fiction, but eh, not Into That.

    But Harry's always good for a laugh. I shook my head at Murphy and said, "Let him scamper, Murph. He staggered out, falling down the first flight, from the sound of it. I wrinkled up my nose as the smell of urine hit me. The aroma of truth. The witch is a descendant of Circe and they have a hilarious back and forth about the size of Odysseus's dick since Circe kept him on her island for a year, he had to be good for something, right? Weirdly, amongst the vampires and werewolves and witches, what I found most implausible was the story they used to spy on their suspected murderer.

    The idea of some rando guy claiming to be from the local university to film children "for a short feature" would not fly? Like, at all? I worked as a photographer employed by a school district and we still needed permission for certain events. Privacy is a thing they took seriously then and it's increased ever since. Seeing Jane from an outsider's point of view makes me want to try this series again.

    It has a much more violent, realistic tang to the concept of Other existing alongside humans. The Complete Sookie Stackhouse Stories. If I had any shame about what I read, the Southern Vampire Mysteries would likely be the guiltiest of my guilty pleasures. As it is, it was a real fun If I had any shame about what I read, the Southern Vampire Mysteries would likely be the guiltiest of my guilty pleasures. As it is, it was a real fun time to go back to this world and read about vampires and weres and supernatural politics oh my!

    My favorite thing about Sookie is that she's just a regular ol' working-class woman, with a very ordinary life - except for that little telepathy problem and later, fairies I feel like Harris lost her way a bit with that storyline. She just tries to live her life in a way that her grandmother would approve of, while also not dying from Bad Choices. Sookie is fundamentally kind and she tries to be good, but sometimes she can be downright cruel. It happens more often as the absolute shitshow that is the supernatural world wears on her, abrasive and demanding.

    The sly peeks of dark cleverness are always a delight for me, a very mean reader. One-word answers never hurt. Sometimes, though, I question Harris's writing on the little things - Sookie, a career waitress, wearing sandals to work? I think not. Dec 22, The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories. Nov 20, Nov 30, From a Certain Point of View. The 4. The Empire will take everything you care about, everything and everyone you love, if you let them. Nov 06, The Portable Dorothy Parker. Oh, shit! I have always loved any Dorothy Parker that I have come across in anthologies, but I have never taken the time to search her out specifically until recently.

    The editor of this collection is similarly enamored, which made for a delightful introduction of Parker's life and background. She seemed to take pleasure in writing about the opposite sex, generally characterizing males as a bunch of pesky, untrustworthy creatures put on earth to bring disorder into the lives of women. Her other favorite subject was death: wishing for it, obsessing about it, hurrying along its appearance. Parker herself, a selection of other writings presumably chosen by Meade and then finally a sampler that pulls several magazine articles as well as letters to friends and other authors that have been made public.

    Voyeur that I am, I absolutely love reading famous people's private letters. Dorothy Parker was a complicated woman, both self-deprecating and proud, who lived perhaps longer than she would have liked. There was never a part of this collection that I skimmed or set down for something else; it's a wonderful example of why she appeals to so many people. Aug 28, The Yellow Wallpaper and Other Writings.

    Gilman, Charlotte Perkins. Here I am, chan 4. Here I am, changing that. Mini-reviews because short stories. Just my Feels, bro. As a teenager, this story shook me. I am angry on her behalf, angry like I was for Hester Prynne.