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A group of people are lured to an island under the pretense of a summer vacation. But once there they realize they have been summoned because they are all responsible for the death of another person. Like the nursery rhyme, one-by-one they drop like flies in punishment for their misdeeds.

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Kay Scarpetta, medical examiner and amateur sleuth extraordinaire, was first introduced in this novel. Postmortem won the Edgar Award for first novel; Cornwell has gone on to write 24 Scarpetta novels to date.


Published in , the first installment of the Kreizler series tells of a series of murders of young boys at the turn of the century in New York City. Lazlo Kreizler is brought in to investigate and apply his newfangled methods like fingerprinting and criminal profiling.

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Dennis Lehane is a household name when it comes to thrillers, and many of his books have been adapted into wildly successful films. Mystic River is no exception.

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Sean is the homicide detective assigned to the case, who soon discovers that the night of the murder Dave came home covered in blood. Twenty years ago, Aaron Falk was accused of murder. The only thing that saved him from conviction was the strong word of his best friend Luke, who acted as his alibi.

Now, Luke is dead, and Aaron must return home to face the community that still suspects his guilt.

25 Best True Crime Books of All Time - Top Nonfiction Crime Books

This electrifying debut will keep you up far past your bedtime. When the children turn up dead, everyone suspects Ruth, pointing to her less-than-savory personal life as evidence. Inspired by a true story , Little Deaths tells of the dangerous power of assumption and judgment. These mysterious reads will keep you guessing until the very last page. A Deceptive Clarity By Aaron Elkins Art expert and curator Chris has the opportunity of a lifetime: a chance to stage a priceless art exhibition in Berlin. A Child's Garden of Death By Richard Forrest Set in small-town Connecticut, local rivalries and family secrets enshroud the mystery of a triple homicide.

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20 Best True Crime Books That'll Make You Want to Sleep With the Lights On

I also want to get the Early Bird Books newsletter featuring great deals on ebooks. Night Film By Marisha Pessl Ashley Cordova, the daughter of a legendary cult horror director Stanislaus Cordova, is found dead in an abandoned warehouse. And what of reports that a naked figure had been seen in the window that night? Crowds gathered outside the house as the police pursued their investigation. Lurid reports, wild speculation and lamentable verse filled the press. The painter Edwin Landseer a friend of Russell suffered a nervous collapse.

Five weeks after the murder, moral panic about a subversive new underclass intensified when an year-old from Birmingham, Edward Oxford, fired and missed at Victoria and Albert as their coach drove along Constitution Hill. Deemed insane, Oxford was sent to Broadmoor rather than executed. And several other criminals brought to trial for petty offences claimed that reading the book, or seeing the play, had corrupted them.


Even before the verdict, the person in question easily discovered, but no spoiler here owned up to their defence counsel, whose failure to disclose this to the judge incensed many observers, including Dickens. The hanging took place at Newgate in July. An estimated 40, spectators came to see it, some paying to watch from nearby windows and roofs.

Dickens and Thackeray wrote of their self-disgust at being among the crowd and campaigned for a change in the law. She also notes one fascinating legacy. The letter was ignored, but kept in a file from which it was unearthed 50 years later — and the idea of fingerprint identification took off.

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