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I Yvonne had an open vision at the beginning of January of angels with blue sashes blowing trumpets over and in Uptown Charlotte.

After our two weekend outings to Dare and Onslow Counties , we literally rode the wind to Fairfax County, VA on March 2nd to honor one of our team members plus our founding fathers — George Washington and George Mason. We stopped half way on our journey to rest and then ventured forward to worship and pray over this historic area in a Jewish Community Center.

CEO Ministry Celebrates 19th Annual Marketplace Fair for Small Businesses

We are returning again on Saturday, February 16th — if you are in the area, please join us! But, in addition to our normal Strategic Prayer Outings and E4M Equipping Services, we purposed to specifically and directly respond to the angelic visitation over our city. Also, on p. Psalm CJB : Each generation will praise your works to the next and proclaim your mighty acts. And He gives commands and makes promises that are generational.

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Several on our team have been positively impacted by either campus ministries or other ministries and churches that embraced the next generation. I Yvonne know for me personally, my college years brought both a pit and a palace — the prodigal unleashed and then guilt and shame with the Lord wooing me back all the while.

Why Ordain?

The Lord is faithful and He is a Redeemer. It is interesting to note that several of these great battlegrounds fueling hatred for Christianity today were founded as schools to train up ministers of the gospel. So the Lord has impressed upon us and released us to arise and be His voice as spiritual fathers and mothers to the next generations.

She also noted that these generations also need to not be mocked — or else we indeed will have what we say.

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  6. Creativity, mentoring, and transformation will be the results in the lives of those leaders who experience Jesus Christ in their workplace. This will be a helpful resource for bother workplace leaders and pastors. Releasing Kings for Ministry in the Marketplace by John Garfield and Harold Eberle is a must read for both church leaders and those called to the marketplace.


    This refreshing book will be used by the Lord to prepare the church of our generation for the coming harvest. I highly recommend it! May the Lord release His kings, His priests, and His prophets to honor one another and then labor together with Him to bring in the harvest. John Garfield is bi-vocational, having been a respected engineer for 30 years and a pastor for 15 years. He has a passion and a wealth of practical insights for releasing the ministry of Kings. John and Sue have been married for more than 29 years, and they live in Kennewick, Washington, where they raised their four grown children.

    Harold Eberle left the pastoral ministry in to begin a traveling ministry that has allowed him to impact Christians around the world. He has founded several schools and orphanages, and written more than 20 books.

    Kingdom Marketplace Ambassadors - A Christian Ministry

    There he lives with Linda, his wife of over 25 years, with whom he raised their three children. Responsive and Interactive Ideas. Send a weekly email to all business leaders to encourage and challenge them. This small investment of time and resources will pay huge dividends as business leaders come to understand that you are interested in what they do hours per week, and not just what they can do for the church each weekend.

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    Christians In Business makes this simple by providing an email option through the portal as well as a turn-key weekly email newsletter. The pastor or designated leader can speak or have a guest speaker. Have one pastor or lay leader visit and pray for each business leaders in the church as a way to show your interest in what they do. During this visit you may ask the business leader to introduce you to their business neighbors and to ask to pray for their business.

    It is also possible to stop at a couple businesses each day, introduce yourself and tell them that you have made it your goal to pray for each business owner in the city this year, and offer to pray a prayer of blessing over their business.