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Annie and Scott have exactly two friends Joseph Sikora and Alvina August , no family to speak of and not much to talk about. Scott needs to defend his wife and his property, both of which Charlie regards as rightfully belonging to him.

Director Deon Taylor Reveals the Arduous Journey to Make ‘The Intruder’

Charlie is white. Scott and Annie are black.

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Nobody in the film makes the slightest reference to race, which has the effect of turning it into a subtext — an undropped shoe in a room full of people pretending to walk around barefoot. Charlie is a guy with a lot of guns who favors red baseball caps. He wants to take the place back and make it great again, even though it emerges that he messed everything up in the first place, including his marriage and his business. Like I said: more silly than scary. There's less of a reason for me to do that now, since my weekend box office posts tend to separate the newbies from the holdovers.

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  • The Intruder.
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  • That said, there are two small-scale success stories that merited a brief spotlight. One is a domestic hit and the other is killing it overseas. Screen Gems' The Intruder opened in the shadow of Avengers: Endgame , debuting via Sony in the once-standard early May summer kick-off date. Simply put, The Intruder is one of those "XYZ from hell" movies that populated the multiplexes in the 's, but with the kind of actors who were at best relegated to the sidelines now in the spotlight.

    'The Intruder' Review: Dennis Quaid Stalks Homeowners in Dopey Thriller

    Into this landscape strides The Intruder. That one sold itself quite successfully as a "Beyonce v Larter: Dawn of Cat Fights" high trash good time.

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    • The Intruder.
    • It was also a rare opportunity for black moviegoers to see that kind of movie starring black actors and at least somewhat reflecting African-American sensibilities. But even after they get the keys, the old owner won't leave the property, and what begins as a creepy annoyance escalates into, well, it wouldn't be a leggy hit if the film resolved this conflict with warm apologies and firm handshakes, would it? Slight spoilers, but we even find out that the guy sold the house due to financial struggles tied to him being not quite as successful a businessman as he proclaims.

      It's not an especially good movie, but it works as unapologetic exploitation fare that wears its of-the-moment politics on its sleeve.

      The Intruder

      Conversely, The Hustle stumbles by being a too-faithful remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels itself a remake of Bedtime Stories instead of a rip-off or a generalized genre flick. The gender-swap keeps the same plot and thus neuters the trashy fun premise of watching female con artists do their thing against all-too-gullible men. The story, by default, becomes one about two female con artists who end up feeling bad about their trade and having second thoughts because of a cute boy and their "feelings.