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What did you see in me? Pym : I saw myself. Cross : Then why did you push me away? Pym : Because I saw too much of myself. Dumbledore : I'm reminded of another student that began building up his network of contacts and his store of favors when he went to this school. Only he didn't do things nearly so well, nor was he so thorough. Minerva : Albus. I was comparing him to me. Harry Potter has been told multiple times how much he reminds everyone of his father. And has his mother's eyes. Disturbingly, Harry also notes the similarities between himself, Severus Snape, and Tom Riddle—the "lost boys".

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Since the young man is physically reminiscent of her late husband, she appears to be projecting some of the feelings she had for Count Robert Lecter on to Hannibal. Cox how he kind of reminds her of Dr. Cox when Cox was that young. The latter isn't happy about the comparison, considering that Jecht was an alcoholic and sometimes abusive father who could only express affection through Tough Love. That said, part of Tidus' Character Development is coming to accept that Jecht wasn't always quite as bad as he believed, and that Jecht did genuinely reform himself and become a legitimate hero over the course of his pilgrimage with Braska, much as Tidus becomes a hero during Yuna's pilgrimage.

Wakka also initially goes out of his way to help Tidus and act as something of a big brother to him because Tidus reminds him of his dead little brother. In the Stephen King novella Low Men in Yellow Coats part of the Hearts in Atlantis book , Bobby gets told by a waitress how much he reminds her of his long-dead and barely remembered father.

Sure enough, at one point when she's totally petrified she calls Bobby by his father's name. House : In the first-season episode "Poison", an year-old woman goes to the clinic because she's acting unexpectedly "frisky". She flirts with House while he examines her, saying, "You remind me of [Ashton Kutcher]. Same bedroom eyes. For example, to a bulldog: "You remind me of a very young Scooby-Doo. Negi of Mahou Sensei Negima! During the end of his tournament bout with Jack Rakan, Jack reminisces that it's almost like fighting with Nagi again.

Subverted somewhat as many people who knew Nagi consider Negi to be the opposite of his father. Nagi being a totally unstoppable , totally good , self taught pure talent, Idiot Hero , and Negi being a pessimistic, ambitious Determinator who flirts with The Dark Side. While none the less still very much a good guy, he is a VERY different kind of good guy than his dad.

In City of Glass , Luke tells Jace that he reminds him of someone. Jace assumes he means his father , the antagonist Valentine. However, Luke actually meant another shadowhunter, Stephen Herondale, Jace's biological father. Mitchell thinks this is a compliment. Teal'c doesn't seem so sure. From Percy Jackson , his mother points out how much Percy is like his father.

The effect is especially noticeable when Lucky gets angry. Councilmen do not have their faces publicized very often. When Hansen is taken to Ceres, he doesn't recognize Lawrence's two friends. David immediately realizes that Hansen must have been the pirate captain who led the attack against the ship his family was on because that was the first time since joining the Council of Science that his father had been separated from his uncles and it would explain why he saw the genial Lawrence Starr in a fury.

Lucky keeps this information to himself until the end of the book, since he was busy working on preventing a war between Earth and Sirius. He doesn't exactly recognize Link due to Link having grown into an adult while Kokiri such as Mido stay children forever , but does say that for some reason, seeing Link makes him remember. In episode 4. Not that this breaks with the trope in any way, but considering the father's more commonly the one the comparison's drawn TO, it's a neat twist for the father to be the one drawing the comparison.

In Radiant Historia Eruca claims that Stocke reminds her of her brother. Turns out, that's because he is her brother. In Eternal Sonata , Frederic tells Polka she reminds him of his deceased younger sister. There may be a very good reason for that , or it could just be a coincidence. Elemental Gelade has Ren helping a young boy named Eugene, who looks and acts almost exactly like her partner, Coud.

Different from most examples on this page in that Coud is just fine, and was only apart from her for an episode or two. In Noein , Atori is pissed off by Yuu, who has the same defiant eyes as Karasu, who he despises. Which makes sense, considering Karasu is an older, post-apocalyptic Yuu. Dante in the Devil May Cry series reminds about half the bosses he fights of his father, Sparda. Thank you for verifiying your email address. Close is a division of Postmedia inc. Privacy Change Password. We didn't recognize that password reset code. Please enter your email below, and we'll send you a new code to reset your password.

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Almost Done! That is the kind of writer Dan Chaon is. Read it. Jun 19, Alena rated it really liked it. No one writes about the lonely and broken hearted better than Chaon. This novel is no exception. Brutal and sad, but filled with the human spirit. View 2 comments. Feb 21, Gabriel rated it really liked it Recommends it for: melancholics. I read this book when it had just come out in hardcover. I picked this book out because i liked the cover art or the title and wound up reading the whole thing in the store over the course of a couple of weeks my m I read this book when it had just come out in hardcover.

I picked this book out because i liked the cover art or the title and wound up reading the whole thing in the store over the course of a couple of weeks my mother had instilled in me a great, great fear of spending money. The detached melancholy of the whole book was fantastically appealing to me at the time, the desperate attempts to make a connection that only land you further and further away from one. At the time I was also indulging the idea that I was a socially and romantically dysfunctional human being, so it was soothing to be immersed in that same loneliness.

I doubt if i'd like it as much now, given how much I've moved on from the time when I was a glutton for melancholy in books or music, no matter how poorly or well it was done. I read a few of the stories in Among The Missing the other day and couldn't quite get inside them. Still, at the time I really, really loved this book once, so I think I'll leave it at that.

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  • You Remind Me: People who remind us of our loved ones.

I have to say, right off the bat, that I have never skimmed bits as much as I did in this book. I usually like to read every single word, but I got so impatient with this that I kinda skipped a sentence here, skimmed a paragraph there, all in the hope of reaching the end faster. And not because I felt like I was running out of time because I had a bookclub meeting for it. It was simply due to a small amount of boredom and a nagging impatience with the characters.

Jonah lives with his mother, Nora I have to say, right off the bat, that I have never skimmed bits as much as I did in this book. Jonah lives with his mother, Nora, his grandfather and the pet Doberman, Elizabeth, in a small rural town called Little Bow.

I Know Who You Remind Me Of

He's a lonely, clingy kid, whose mother was forced to give away her first "fatherless" baby and is now slipping further and further into depression, drugs and resentment. The book starts here, on the day when Jonah is attacked by Elizabeth, who he was playing a make-believe game with which involved locking them in the bathroom and hiding in the tub.

When the long-suffering dog freaks out, she mauls him almost to death. The scene where Jonah is rescued by his grandfather includes a brief description about what happened to Elizabeth: "He hears the sound of his grandfather's raw, smoker-voiced moaning. His grandfather caught Elizabeth by the collar, pulling her away, and then his grandfather began to kick her in the ribs and the head.

People talk about how hard it was to read Susie Salmon's rape and murder at the beginning of The Lovely Bones , but for me, what happened to Elizabeth was so much more upsetting. This scene sets the tone for the rest of the novel, which is not in chronological order, as it follows the twined stories of Nora, Jonah, Troy - the baby Nora gave up for adoption - and, to a lesser extent, Troy's mother-in-law, Judy, and his son, Loomis. Jonah, with his disfiguring scars, is a shy, nervous, sad kid who sets out to find his half-brother.

He yearns for a normal family, for a sibling and, in a heavy-handed way, the author posits the idea that Jonah is hoping Troy's life will be everything his wasn't and isn't, to prove that Jonah's miserable existence is not his own fault. But Troy, a petty drug-dealer raising his little boy - nicknamed "Little Man" of all things - alone, has been arrested and is now under house arrest. His mother-in-law, Judy, is looking after Loomis and trying to get custody as well.

Troy works as a bartender in the small town of St. Bonaventure in Nebraska, and when Jonah turns up and worms his way into Troy's life, I half expected a Talented Mr Ripley deal to go down. It didn't, but it didn't go in any other direction, either. The characters are, to be frank, losers, and are so bogged down in their own character flaws that I wanted to wring their necks. I certainly had trouble spending any time with them, and the jumping back and forth in time confused me a hell of a lot more than The Time Traveler's Wife did!

Which is kinda ironic. This being the author's debut novel, having written only short stories before, it definitely has a short-story feel to it.

It's chopped up and broken down a great deal. It also has a tell, not show, narrative which I found annoying. There are some nice descriptions, and the present-tense works quite well, but with its anti-climax and meandering, the suspense built up by the non-linear narrative is ruined. I know I'm being harsh on this book. It's an ambitious debut, but not quite executed. I found the writing style hard to get into, and the order of events confusing. Nora was the most interesting character, in terms of her time at the Mrs Glass House - my own mother went to a similar place, though her story has a happy ending - but Nora too was irritating beyond belief.

Someone should have slapped the silly girl! Told you I was annoyed. I could go on, but there's little point. I will always remember this story for poor Elizabeth, but since her story is brief and finished with in chapter 1, the rest was just an exercise in perseverance.

Nov 16, Ron Charles rated it really liked it. Long before brothers started fighting in the back of the station wagon, they got off on the wrong foot in Western civilization. By the time Freud described the murderous fantasies between fathers and sons, brothers had already been deadly antagonists for millenniums. When Remus mocked his brother's wall, Romulus killed him. When Abel upstaged his brother's sacrifice, Cain slew him. In the early s, both East of Eden and The Skin of Our Teeth revived the Bible's first brothers, reenacted the mu Long before brothers started fighting in the back of the station wagon, they got off on the wrong foot in Western civilization.

Recent incarnations have been less contentious, but hardly harmonious. With deep insight and a fluid style that never calls attention to its considerable beauty, he's been earning accolades for his short stories up till now; his second collection, Among the Missing, was a finalist for the National Book Award in , and You Remind Me of Me pulses with the emotional intensity his fans have come to expect.

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The story follows the disconnected lives of two brothers, one given away for adoption at birth, the other mauled by their mother's Doberman at the age of six. Both these events -- traumatic in their own ways -- ricochet through a number of lives, creating a web of trajectories that tempt us to discern the direction and velocity of character. But even if you miss the stray allusion to "rosebud" from "Citizen Kane" late in the novel, it's clear that Chaon is writing about the irreducible mystery of human nature.

He contributes to that mystery considerably in the opening chapters. Each begins with a specific date -- March 24, ; June 6, ; June 15, -- but the characters' names are sometimes held back and their relationships to one another are scrambled in a way that frustrates our efforts to place them.

He may be presuming too much about the diligence of busy people trying to carve out 30 minutes of reading before bed. I eventually drew several tangled genealogies on a piece of scrap paper. Chaos and consternation erupted when my daughter accidentally threw it out while setting the table.

Do You Know Who You Remind Me Of? - Winstanley Baptist

But the fortunate readers who persist will come to see that this problem is emblematic of the challenge all these characters face as they struggle to organize their own lives, sifting through hopes and memories, visions of what they'd planned and realizations of what they've become. Jonah was a quiet, withdrawn boy even before his mother's dog killed him one Easter season. Revived by paramedics a few minutes later, he spends the rest of his life assuming that this attack was "what set his future into motion," but that explanation becomes increasingly inadequate. Perhaps, Chaon suggests, the key lies in his severely depressed mother and the sense of gloom she shed over his childhood.

Or perhaps his personality was determined by the persistent fantasy of the lost brother, the idealized sibling who could have served as an enduring friend. In any case, Chaon is more interested in our desire to understand the harrowing gap between what we want to be and what we are. For Jonah's mother, that desire leads only to corrosive regret and self-pity.

You Remind Me of Something

But for Jonah, permanently masked behind a thicket of scars, the dream of remaking himself remains a tantalizing possibility. When his mother dies, Jonah discards every possession, every remnant of his past, and sets out for a new city armed only with a copy of The Fifteen Steps on the Ladder of Success. Chaon describes this quest with poignancy and muffled wit.

Jonah's habit of making up memories, designing for himself a more usable past, seems oddly touching. You don't have to be a fellow loser or do you? He draws up lists of his meager good qualities, he practices friendly gestures in the mirror, he watches happy people and imagines what it would be like to be them. His physical condition is peculiar and his mental state is a weird mixture of grief and optimism, but Chaon's portrayal of this hopeful loner strikes notes that will resonate with anyone who hankers for a new beginning, who vacillates between bouts of confidence and despair. We meet Troy long before Jonah does, first as a sweet adolescent slipping into drug addiction, then as an anxious father struggling to drop the habit and regain custody of his son.

Unlike Jonah, Troy remains far less definite about the prime cause of his troubles, but he's just as determined to change his direction, to make something of himself. The eventual contact between these two brothers arrives in a fascinating, long-delayed crisis, fraught with expectations that Troy can't possibly satisfy for Jonah. The ghastly looking stranger who imagines the benefits of instant fraternity is bound to be disappointed, but Jonah has invested so much psychic energy in this great hope that he loses touch with reality rather than let go of his dream.

Chaon sinks gently and quietly into these sad lives, but moments of real fright spike through his narrative, and the poignancy of Jonah's desire for connection shifts ominously toward much darker tones. Fortunately, this is an author of deep compassion. Not all his characters attain the insight they need to fathom their hopes and fears, but a few do, and his readers will come closer to understanding their own. Originally published in the Christian Science Monitor. This is a masterpiece! Chaon ranks with the very top of 21st century authors.

His phrasing is felieitous and elegant. His plotting brilliant. The way he allows his stories to unfold, riveting. This book is about choices and if's. If someone had made a different choice, then what? They made a choice and what other choices do they then make and what happens to their lives and someone else's?

Oh, this has been argued and reargued in philosophy and even psychology. Is it nature or nurture? Is it by d This is a masterpiece! Is it by design or sheer luck? How free is our will. Was it, as Nora says at the end, which is also the beginning: How can you be alive when every choice you make breaks the world into a thousand filaments, each careless step branching into long tributaries of alternate lives, shuddering outward like sheet lightning?

Yet what happens, what the characters do, are not necessary consequences of choices. This is far more complex than that. God's plan? Thhe voice is that of an omnisiscient author, and the sequences that unfold are not in chronological order, although each chapter is dated. The unfolding is like the ruminations in one's mind about what has happened in the past twenty years, memories jumping from one episode to another. Had this been written starting in and ending in in order of occurrences, it would have been interesting and the wording itself would have taken you along, but by fragmenting the time the motivations and consequences of what happens are made clearer, although we never really figure what is going to happen next, as in real live.

Chaon's characters are fully developed real humans, down to their gestures. Not only does he portray people we can feel breathing, but he is a master at creating their umwelt, the world in which they act and act upon. His familiarity with the roads and geography of the Great Plains states serves him well as characters not only interact with their towns, but as they take to the road.

Every shrub, weed, box of a house passes before our eyes. Jonah, Troy, and Loomis, the Dakotas, and Nebraska stay with you. Feb 14, Book Concierge rated it liked it Shelves: audio , concierge , psychology , library , family , nebraska. Digital audio performed by Jim Soriero. His background with that shorter form shows in this book. The first four chapters of the book introduce us to four different characters and time frames: and six-year-old Jonah is mauled by the family pet; and ten-year-old Troy is hanging out with teenagers smoking pot; and teenaged Nora is about to give birth at a home for unwed mothers; Digital audio performed by Jim Soriero.

Eventually the connections between them will be clear to the reader. There is much to dislike about these damaged people, and yet I am drawn to these characters and their stories. I am distressed by the loneliness they endure and the wrong paths they take, and yet still find some hope for the future. The changing time frames and points of view do, however, make for a somewhat confusing experience.

This is especially true for those who choose the audio version. Jim Soriero does an excellent job performing the audio. He is a skilled voice artist, with good pacing. View 1 comment. As I picked up this novel I saw a post by a friend of the author on his FB wall. An article that jokes about 'things writers hate'. Like how some reader rate a book at Amazon based on 'in what shape the book arrived in'.

The packaging, not content. I found myself in a similar situation. I loved this story. Its characters, its and their depth. Pulled me right in. But the font size must have been made for lilleputians!

Last Sermon

I have never seen print this small! Teresa I bought you a different edition. My eyes ached, my head ached, my heart ached because I had to put the book aside I read a page by another author instead. A book I loved. And then I went back to this story and found my place and the setting and mood and characters as if I had never left them.