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The warmup

Planks are a basic but not easy! Adding the reach-under targets your core even more. Step-ups will burn your lower half. No need for weights when you can do a few sets of mountain climbers. Supporting your own body weight — in combination with the knee drive — will have your muscles, and lungs, on fire.

Cardio Workout For Weight Loss, At Home Fat Burning Dance Exercises

Plyometrics are exercises that require your muscles to exert a lot of force in a short period of time. Squat jumps are a prime example. Another type of high-impact plyometric exercise, burpees are a full-body move that will torch calories quickly. Lateral side-to-side movements are an important component of a well-rounded exercise regimen. Standing side hops are great for hip and ankle mobility. A standard pullup is challenging to complete, even for avid exercisers. Its payout is worth it, though. Use a pullup band for assistance and still reap the benefits.

Holding a squat position and pulsing there increases time under tension, or the amount of work your muscle does during a workout. Feel that burn! Although they target your core, flutter kicks also zero in on the hips. Three sets of these will have you feeling it the next day. Foundational but not a cinch, pushups require upper body strength, yes, but also core and lower-body stabilization.

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Yet another high-impact move noticing a pattern here? Any exercise that works your glutes, quads, and hamstrings — the largest muscles in your body — is bound to pay out big. Split squats are just that. Mix and match these 13 bodyweight exercises to see results in just a month or two. Remember: Eating a healthy, balanced diet is the other piece of the puzzle.

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Do three second sets, resting in between. Make it easier: Sit at 4 instead of hovering above floor. Make it harder: Lift feet off floor in 4 so legs are parallel to floor. Abs: Reverse Crunch. What it works: lower abs 1. Lie faceup with arms at sides, palms flat and facing down. Cross legs and elevate them with knees slightly bent, directly over hips. Make it easier: Place hands just under tailbone to decrease range of motion. Legs: Sumo Squat. What it works: butt, thighs, and core 1. Stand with feet more than shoulder width apart, toes turned outward.

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Tuck tailbone under and draw belly button in toward spine, hands on hips. Inhale, bend knees and squat, keeping thighs parallel to floor. Exhale while returning to start.

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  • 2. Keep one foot on the ground with cardio kickboxing;

Repeat for 30 seconds, maintaining form. Make it easier: Squat less deeply. Make it harder: Hold a weight in each hand on thighs for added resistance. What it works: arms, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and abs 1.

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Start standing with feet hip-width apart. Hinge at hips to place both hands on floor. Jump back into plank position, with arms straight under shoulders and abs tight. Abs: Scissor Crunch. What it works: abs and lower back 1.

Lie flat on back; place hands under lower back for protection. Crunch upper body until shoulders are off of floor and hold. Do for 30 seconds, then rest. Repeat three times. Arms: Renegade Rows. What it works: back, shoulders, and arms 1. Start in plank, holding weights and with feet shoulder-width apart. Row dumbbell to chest as shown and release.

Do three reps. Switch hands; repeat.

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Keep it up for one minute. Make it easier: Drop knees to modify. Butt: Chair Pose. What it works: quads, butt, abs, and lower back 1. Stand with feet close together and inhale; raise arms perpendicular to floor, shoulders back. Hold for 15 to 20 seconds, depending on strength, then return to start. Make it harder: Sit even lower and hold pose for 30 seconds.

Full Body: Burpee Push-ups. Squat and place hands on floor as shown. Jump feet into plank. Drop chest to ground and perform a push-up. Jump feet forward into squat position. Make it easier: Step back instead of jumping and do push-up on knees. Workout with Jillian.

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