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The King of the Golden River: I. The Treasure Valley

This text was originally written in , for the twelve-year-old Effie Gray, whom Ruskin later married. It is a fairy tale that illustrates the triumph of love, kindness, and goodness over evil - and on its publication in , became an early Victorian classic. It is also accompanied by a series of dazzling colour illustrations by Arthur Rackham One of the most celebrated painters of the British Golden Age of Illustration which encompassed the years from until the start of the First World War , Rackham's artistry is quite simply, unparalleled.

Throughout his career, he developed a unique style, combining haunting humour with dream-like romance.

THE KING OF THE GOLDEN RIVER ... Illustrated by Arthur Rackham

Presented alongside the text, his illustrations further refine and elucidate Ruskin's masterful storytelling. Pook Press celebrates the great 'Golden Age of Illustration' in children's literature - a period of unparalleled excellence in book illustration. Arthur Rackham was a prolific British artist and illustrator, best known for his deluxe editions of popular children's books.

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Artistically inclined since childhood, Rackham started out illustrating for newspapers, but it was not until he began drawing for children's literature that he received critical acclaim. In response to his burgeoning fame, Rackham's publisher, William Heinemann, began producing deluxe and trade editions of his illustrated works, the first being Rip Van Winkle in Deluxe editions were produced in a limited edition of numbered copies ranging in quantity from - 2, , bound in vellum bindings, printed on handmade paper, and signed by the illustrator.

The trade editions were published concurrently in simple bindings, on thinner paper, and with fewer color plates.

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This publication strategy benefited both publisher and artist; Rackham produced about one book per year and would have an annual gallery exhibition showing his original artwork for his latest book. The recipient of multiple awards for illustrations, Rackham was a diverse artist with a talent for both the fantastical and the intricacies of human nature, as demonstrated in these illustrations for The King of the Golden River.

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King of the Golden River (Ruskin/Rackham) | John Mark N. Reynolds

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